The Biggest Bang for Your Buck Comes From Improving Your Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring is emblematic of the current paradigm of security technologies. This modern technology allows you to monitor potential threats and identify assailed criminals. Despite common perceptions of the technology by the public, video monitoring technologies have greatly diversified. There are now options that allow you to monitor your property in the ways that you have identified as most effective.

Live Monitoring

In the past, CCTV video left much to be desired, and the low-quality video produced by the technology was mostly used for in-the-moment tracking of an already identified suspected perpetrator. However, when it came to trying to identify a person from the video, it was more difficult to do so because of the video quality. Now, things are much different. Not only is the quality of the video incredible, but the video is also more useful because of integrated analytic technologies.

Portable Monitoring Solutions

Usually, remote video monitoring is done with dedicated hardware that is built into or onto an existing structure. Recently, portability has become a truly viable option because of energy-efficient technologies. Both the energy efficiency of current computer chips and solar power technologies contributed to providing products that are portable and reliable. This new option in remote monitoring allows you to change and accommodate new security challenges as they occur.

Off-Site Access

Although most systems are currently self-contained, accessing video monitoring data securely from an off-site location is now possible. This allows you to have a direct eye on your property in the case of an emergency. Off-site access also makes it easier to backup and secure the data that is being collected by your security system.

If you are looking to decrease the possible security vulnerabilities at your property, you need to reconceptualize your current security and protection plans and systems. The root of most systems is video monitoring. Improvement of these particular technologies has the greatest potential for immediate benefit.