Creating a Wall to Success With Lighted Videos to Get Your Message Across

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Business

To Buy or Not to Buy

If you are considering staging a trade show, you have a couple of options when it comes to signage. Buying your own display may be a good option if you stage at least three shows per year. Owning your own booth helps you to maintain a consistent business profile, promotes brand recognition and helps to control the cost of acquiring presentation materials.

Business owners who are new to trade shows may choose to rent a display before buying their own booth or wall. Renting provides flexibility and eliminates the costs that are associated with redesign. Renting a display can be advantageous if your industry changes continuously, allowing for greater customization and letting you keep pace with the latest business trends.

What Rental Walls Can Offer

There are three basic types of display solutions that offer a variety of options for your presentation. If you plan to buy a display, you might consider a custom-built booth or modular exhibit to create a lasting brand impression.

Modular exhibits are easy to ship and store, which makes them ideal for renting and purchasing. Quick turn displays, which can be created with 24 hours’ notice, are ideal if your business faces tight deadlines or continually experiences fast-paced changes.

Renting an LED Video Wall

A rental LED video wall from Las Vegas is one of the existing formats for your trade show display. Available in a range of 6-millimeter economy resolution to 1-millimeter high resolution, the rental LED video wall in Las Vegas can be paired with a surround closet that hides cabling and system hardware.

The pre-manufactured rental LED wall is an economical solution that offers an eye-catching way to convey your content at trade shows. If you need only a small display, a rental LED video screen might meet your advertising needs at a slightly lower upfront cost.

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