What Credit Insurance Brokers in Pennsylvania Do for Businesses

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Insurance Agency

Credit insurance brokers are a niche source of protection for businesses everywhere. In the state of Pennsylvania, they are definitely useful and helpful. If you accept payments via credit cards or financing methods and your consumers just aren’t paying, these brokers are are better than lifelong best friends. Here’s what credit insurance brokers do for businesses in this state.

You Buy the Credit Insurance and the Brokers Pay the Bad Debts

Credit insurance protects any and all transactions you have with consumers involving credit. A client or consumer doesn’t pay for months results in filing a claim on your credit insurance. Then the credit insurance broker pays that debt and assumes ownership of that account to retrieve reimbursement from that former customer. Your business continues as usual without having to pursue that client to infinity.

It’s a Risk Management Game and the Brokers Are Betting on a Strong Win

Credit insurance is a risk management tool. The brokers are betting on you never needing to file a claim, as most people do eventually pay their bills. As such, the brokers turn a profit for all claims not filed and that is how they are able to pay on your claim when you finally do file one. The insurance cost is worth it, seeing as your losses will be cut to a mere fraction of the debt customers may owe you. If you would like to see how these credit brokers can work through your customers’ unpaid credit accounts, contact Trade Risk Group via https://www.traderiskgroup.com

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