Seeking a New Spiritual Home: Evaluating Different Christian Churches in the Area

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Religion

After settling in the new home, it’s time to become part of the community. Many people find that one of the best ways to do so is to visit some of the Christian Churches in the area and see which one would make a good spiritual home. Here are some points to ponder when visiting any church and determining if it really is the right place for the family to attend.

Walking the Walk

There are many churches that do a good job of talking the talk, but not all will walk the walk. When visiting any of the Christian Churches in Jacksonville, pay close attention to signs the congregation puts their faith into action. Does it seem that the culture of the church includes reaching out to help those who are less fortunate, extend kindness to one another when someone is going through a difficult time and, in general, bring the Sermon on the Mount and the Two Great Commandments to life? If there is a sense the congregation tends to be insular and does not live out the Gospel in the way they interact in the community, it would be a good idea to try a different church.

Making Visitors Welcome

Ideally, individuals should walk into any church and be greeted warmly. Some congregations do a better job of this than others. An example of this would be a greeter to say hello, provide a printed order of service, make sure the guest knows where to find the restrooms and, in general, help the person feel at home, that congregation may be one that sticks with you and becomes your spiritual home.

By contrast, a warm welcome and people coming up after the service to introduce themselves and invite the visitor to come back any time are good signs. That church is worth a second look.

Having a church home provides the opportunity to be of service to others as well as receive emotional and spiritual support. Take a moment and contact Southpoint Community Church today and take a look at what they have to offer. After a few visits and interacting with others who attend, there may not be the need to keep searching.

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