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by | Feb 2, 2021 | Container Supplier

After harvesting the medical crop, you need a safe way to store it. If properly stored, it can last up to one year before considerably losing flavor and potency.

A viewing experience that seamlessly fits in your sesh was created. The aromatic waft blooming from a new container and glistening crystals from a freshly harvested weed can’t be compared to anything. You can find crystal clear, reusable, durable, and lightweight jars for weed to keep it safe.

The jars for Weed Features 

Your stock stays fresh always for the display jars have preservative features, namely:

• Bright LED lights.
• Smell proof seals that are 100% airtight.
• Magnification lenses with high power.
• Tamper-proof locking mechanisms.

Types of Jars for Weed

The Comet – This jar is affordable and compact. It’s ideal for the top-shelf packaging of weed. The pocket-sized container with enhanced visuals is made for endless adventures.
• The Comet Infinity – The Comet Infinity is capable of storing a quarter of the weed. The childproof stash jar is affordable and has a rechargeable battery making it outshine the rest.
• The Eclipse – Massive improvements on the eclipse makes it a top choice for fine weed appreciators. It has USB-C charging and is security compliant.
• The Quasar – You can pack a lot of weed in a standard-sized mason jar. Your top-shelf buds remain visually captivating, while the Mason jar is smudge-free with a rubberized handle and stainless steel. The patented lid allows accessibility of aromatic bloom and creates a smell-proof experience.
• The Launchpad – Modification of the horizon jar with an electromagnetic base made a mesmerizing weightless levitation that disobeys reality, gravity, and physics. It’s a creative nug jug in the market.
• The Horizon – The new and improved Horizon Jar has unmatched viewing and weed carrying experience. It has an enhanced ability to recharge.
• Accessories – You can enhance the weed viewing experience with various accessories.

Smokus Focus jars of weed directly impact your sales. Their innovative display showcase enhances customer experience.

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