Is It Time For Your Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Mount Pleasant?

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Fire Protection Service

What if there was a fire, and the fire extinguisher didn’t work? It’s horrifying to see how fast a fire can spread. A fire that could have been easily extinguished could cause considerable damage, lost profits and injuries to customers or employees.


What if someone was injured in that fire? In today’s litigious society, a lawsuit would probably be filed in short order. When it came out that the fire extinguisher didn’t work, the only question left to be settled was how large the settlement would be. Possessing fire extinguishers that are out of date or don’t work would very likely be considered negligence in the eyes of the law.

Electronic Data

Equipment can be replaced, but data that has not been backed up to an external location would be lost permanently. Recreating customer and vendor information could prove to be very difficult and time-consuming. Proprietary information could also be jeopardized. If nothing else, take the opportunity to see if the business’s emergency data backup procedures are adequate.

What Does NFPA 10 Cover?

This regulation requires that fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment be inspected each year. The purpose of the Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Mount Pleasant is to ensure that each portable fire extinguisher will work as it should in a fire emergency. The fire extinguishers are intended to be the first line of defense for small fires. In addition to inspections, the regulation lists fire extinguishers that should be removed from service because they were obsolete.

Are the Right Fire Extinguishers in the Right Places?

A fire extinguisher of the right class needs to be located within a reasonable distance of the probable fire. A Class C (non-conductive) fire extinguisher, for example, should be located near any electrical equipment. Using a Class A (water) fire extinguisher on an electrical fire could cause an electrical shock. Have a professional do a survey of the building to ensure that everything is according to code.

Fire Insurance Policies

The building insurance policy may include coverage to refill any fire extinguishers that have been discharged while fighting a fire. Any disposable fire extinguishers must be discarded after being used.

business name provides Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Mount Pleasant. If you don’t know whether your fire extinguishers comply with the law, call for an inspection before there’s an emergency.

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