Adaptable and Easy-to-Operate Piston Filling Machines in College Point NY

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Industrial Equipment

Piston-action filling machines are manufactured to measure out products with high viscosity, like cosmetics, food, beverages or chemicals, for distribution to packaged containers. The filling machines can be single station or dual station designs and can be adapted to a range of production capacities, including entry-level and semi-automatic. And the filler’s stations can range from single to twelve.

Single Station With a Hopper

Though this type of piston filler is manually operated by a footswitch, it can adapt to automation by the implementation of an optional PLC. The single-station design can be equipped with a straight-down nozzle or a pneumatic shut-off design that minimizes drip.

Single/Dual Station Fillers

This piston filler type mounts on a table and operates per a pneumatic rotary valve with suck-back capability. This design is suitable for high-viscosity fluids, such as creams or pastes or large-particulate products.

Dual Station Fillers

This filler design can also adapt to manual operation and automatic operation, and it also utilizes a large, gravity-fed hopper and has fast-dispensing capability via two straight-down nozzles.

Main Advantages of Piston Filling Machines

Ball-Check or Rotary Valves – providing options for low and high-viscosity processing

Flexibility – providing adaptability to multiple container sizes per a range of cylinder and piston sizes

Stainless Steel Hardware and Contacts – ensuring compliance with chemical and food-grade standards due to low pitting and corrosion

Easy Operation – permitting easy manual or automated use

Industry Leaders

For piston fillers as well as bottle cappers and packaging machines manufactured by a standard-setter in packaging equipment, contact the leaders at Filling Equipment Company, Inc., at 800-247-7127 or online via today.

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