Learn How Conveyor Roller Systems Work in Arlington Heights, IL

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Industrial Equipment

Conveyor systems are widely used in a lot of different industries. Their main purpose is to transport materials in a smooth, easy fashion. To do this, modern conveyor systems use several different components and configurations. See what you need to know about today’s conveyor systems and metal rollers.

The Different Classes of Conveyors

When it comes down to it, there is a conveyor for every need. Some of the more popular models include those operated by belt, powered rollers and slats. However, some industries require more specific applications, such as chute, bucket or vacuum conveyors. Despite their physical differences, each type of conveyor plays a fairly similar role.

A Further Look at Roller Conveyor Systems

Roller conveyors tend to be the most popular system. This is due to their versatility and ease of use. These systems use metal rollers that are positioned horizontally to the floor. They can move to transport materials through gravity or manual operation. Ideally, you want to place a roller conveyor near a loading dock or in a factory setting. The average company will see a huge uptick in productivity by adding roller conveyors to the manufacturing process.

Making a Decision

To find the right conveyor for your needs, you should consider several different factors. First, think about what type of material you will transport. Consider whether there are any special weight, temperature or flowability concerns. Also, think about what kind of feeding rate you need. Finally, analyze the overall environment of your facility to see if you need a conveyor system suited for a specific climate.

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