What You Should Do If You Are Ever in an Accident in GA With Your Truck

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Transportation

Trucking accidents are sadly a major part of the trucking industry. No trucker has ever retired unscathed from the trucking business without at least one accident on his or her record. How you handle these accidents in each state you make a run speaks to your skills as a trucker. In Georgia, there are numerous accidents each year, but here’s how you can handle your own trucking accidents in this state.

Accidents Coming in and out of Atlanta

Major cities in Atlanta are more likely to see trucking accidents than most other cities in the state. Accident recovery in Atlanta GA, is big business, which means you will not have any problem finding a wrecker to pull your semi from a ditch or haul it to the nearest repair shop. Be sure to involve the police to get a proper police report for your boss, and hire a good wrecker for accident recovery.

Ask the Recovery Wrecker to Take Lots of Pictures

It helps to get lots of photos of the wreckage before anything is moved. Get pictures if you can. If you can’t, ask the wrecker to take lots of photos of the accident scene and your truck and any other vehicles involved. Forward all of the photos to your boss, who will share them with the company lawyer and the business insurance company.

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