What To Expect From Water Damage Repair In Idaho Falls, ID

by | May 7, 2019 | Business Services

In Idaho, water damage occurs due to water leaks, natural disasters, and when extinguishing property fires. If the damage isn’t managed quickly, mold developments and wood rot are more likely. Local agencies complete Water Damage Repair in Idaho Falls ID for commercial and residential property owners.

Conducting a Complete Inspection

The crew conducts a complete inspection of the affected areas. A damage report is completed for the property owner’s insurance carrier. A claim’s adjuster visits the property after receiving the report. The coverage for the property damage depends on how and when it happened.

Following EPA Regulations

If mold is found in the property, the restoration company follows EPA regulations for removing it. The mold covered furnishings, carpeting, and building materials are wrapped in thick plastic sheeting and labeled appropriately. The service provider offers waste management options for removing all the damaged materials from the property.

Tracing Mold Developments

After the property is cleaned out, the service provider traces all mold developments. The flooring, ceiling, and the walls are tested for mold. The crew begins treating all affected areas for mold. Chemicals are distributed in all affected areas and further cleaning services are performed after the mold is eliminated. All surrounding areas are tested for spores, and the service provider treats any new developments they find quickly.

Treating and Restoring the Property

The service provider continues to treat the home for developments until they are all gone. Next, they start the restoration process. The design for the home is evaluated and building materials are ordered accordingly. The service provider explains what the property owner can expect. Most property insurance policies restrict any new changes to the property design if the cost is more than their coverage allows.

In Idaho, water damage often leads to more extensive issues if it isn’t corrected quickly. Restoration services mitigate additional risks related to water damage and events that cause it. Mold developments and wood rot are common occurrences with water leaks and natural disasters. Luckily, the events are covered by property insurance. Property owners who need to schedule Water Damage Repair in Idaho Falls ID contact a service provider for 24-hour emergency service right now.

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