Understanding the Need for Residential Bulk Fuel Delivery in Alberta

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Business

Bulk fuel delivery in Alberta is available for rural dwellers with tanks on their property. Gravity-fed tanks on stands prevent any need for a pump. Most commonly, this equipment is seen on farms because agricultural enterprises typically have significant fuel demands. Other country homes sometimes have one as well.

Substantial Mileage

Non-farm residences with this type of storage tank typically have it because someone in the household regularly drives a substantial number of miles in the personal vehicle. Often, this is a business owner whose work requires traveling around the region. Instead of having to gas up at a station, the person can order bulk fuel delivery in Alberta. Refueling at home can be significantly more convenient.

An Example

A veterinarian running a large-animal practice is an example of someone who benefits from this service. These animal doctors often travel to farms within a large area of square mileage. They are on the road much of the time on weekdays and respond to emergencies that could occur at any time. There are no normal business hours in the world of farming and particularly in dairy. Dairy farmers tend to discover problems at milking time.

Important Considerations

Since gravity-fed tanks are easily visible from the road, property owners generally keep the valve locked to avoid theft. That way, nobody can steal fuel even if the hose is cut. They might decide to have security cameras installed too, especially considering the occasional spikes in gas and diesel prices.

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