Selecting A Cemetery Near Lafayette

Selecting A Cemetery Near Lafayette

Individuals or couples often choose their cemetery plots together or select a cemetery near Lafayette with a columbarium or mausoleum if they plan on cremation rather than a traditional burial. In some cases, people may choose cremation and a burial, and cemeteries in the area can accommodate those requests.

There are different considerations when selecting a cemetery near Lafayette. The following are specific questions that can help you to choose the right cemetery for your final resting place.

Religious Beliefs

The Catholic Church teaches that traditional burial or a final resting place for cremains should be on consecrated grounds. A Catholic cemetery provides the ideal location for traditional burial, cremation burial, or placement of the urn in a cremation niche.

Rules of the Cemetery

Each cemetery in the area has specific rules that govern the types of headstones, the size of memorials, and even the ability to place flowers or other items at the graveside. Some cemeteries are more restrictive than others on these issues, and it is important to understand any requirements or restrictions that may not meet your requirements.

Pricing will also be a factor in choosing a specific final resting place. However, with advanced planning options, it is often possible to make small payments over a long period of time, ensuring the plot or plots are fully paid prior to your death. This eliminates the concern of payment for the plots on the family as part of the costs of the funeral.

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