Saving Money with a Whole House Exhaust Fan

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Business

A Whole House Exhaust Fan, is a way to quietly cool your home that uses very little energy. The fan is also used to heat your home in colder months. You open your windows in the morning when the air is cooler, and the fan draws that cool air into your home. The fan circulates that cool air throughout your entire home and vents it out through the attic when it becomes hot. You can have zones installed in the system so you can control the temperature in different areas of your home.

The exhaust fan itself will save you money on energy costs. When it is combined with an energy management system that includes solar panels, smart home thermostats, and synthetic grass, your savings multiply. can help you utilize the sun for endless electricity, update your windows for energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. The process begins when a project manager assesses your home and looks at your energy bills for the past year to determine your current energy needs.

You will be given viable alternatives to mitigate your high energy costs. If you decide to install a complete system, a solar system is designed to meet your needs. The system may include one or more solar panels, a rooftop cooling/heating monitor, or a Whole House Exhaust Fan. Other components may include fuel cells, LED lighting, thermal units, and attic fans. The installation team installs your energy management system, and your savings begins.

Financing for your project is easy with options to buy or lease, and often require zero money down. Interest rates are very low, and the terms can be for up to 12 years. Most monthly payments are lower than people’s electricity bill payment before installing a system. You receive free monitoring of your system and free maintenance for 25 years. Warranties cover products and installation for 20 years, so your investment is well protected. The cost of electricity is rising everywhere, and cooling and heating your home will get more and more expensive. It may be time to consider an alternative energy source for you and your family. For more details visit

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