Our Lady of Hope Offers Cemetery Services in Brownstown

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Funeral Home

Choosing the appropriate cemetery for your resting loved ones is a very personal decision. Sometimes, the deceased may have given specific instructions on their final interment site. Other times, bereaved families may have to search independently for the appropriate cemetery service. Finding a befitting burial ground comforts families already facing grief.

Our Lady of Hope’s cemetery service in Brownstown provides a resting place for the faith community in Downriver and Southwest Detroit. The cemetery is under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services and covers 320 acres, with 60 acres reserved for interment purposes.

Cemetery Services Offered

The goal of Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services is to relieve some stress for bereaved families. The organization supports families and friends of the deceased by addressing their spiritual and psychological needs to overcome the difficult times. We offer the following cemetery services in Brownstown:

  • Traditional Ground Burials: Ground burials are the most common option for interring resting loved ones. They include earth and crypt burials.
  • Crypt Burials: Crypts are an affordable and dignified option for honoring our resting loved ones. The deceased’s family and friends may entomb the departed in an outdoor garden, indoor space, or a private family garden.
  • Private Family Estates: This option is a befitting way to honor the family legacy for generations. It includes monument estates, cremation estates, and family mausoleums.
  • Cremation Burial Grounds: Cremation is now an accepted practice in the Catholic faith. However, the cremated remains must be intact and interred in an urn or casket in Our Lady of Hope Cemetery.
  • Memorialization Options: We offer unique options for bereaved families and friends to remember the departed souls that await Resurrection in Christ. These include upright memorials, cremation benches, and flush memorials.

Our Lady of Hope has numerous programs to help families overcome the pain and emotional stress of losing a loved one. The pastoral team will pray for, mourn with, and comfort families during difficult times. Contact Our Lady of Hope Cemetery for affordable and compassionate end-of-life services in Brownstown.

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