Options You Have When You Choose Cremation From a Lake County Funeral Home

by | May 10, 2022 | Funeral Home

When you need to make the decision about funeral arrangements for a loved one who has recently passed away, consider the benefits and the options that are available with cremation. Here are a few details that could help make the process a bit easier.


A benefit of Lake County funeral homes is that they typically offer several options for cremation services in Lake County, OH. You can still have a viewing so that family and friends can pay their respects, or you can have a funeral without a viewing if you want something that’s simple. A memorial service is an option to consider as well. Once the service is over, you can keep the ashes or spread them at a favorite location. Keep in mind that even though cremation is an affordable option, the type of service can often impact the price you pay.


Once the deceased is cremated by one of the Lake County funeral homes, you are welcome to keep the ashes in an urn. The ashes can also be buried just as they would if a casket were purchased. Another option is putting the ashes in a mausoleum instead of burying them. There are several scattering options that a funeral home can assist with as well.


One factor to keep in mind about cremation services in Lake County, OH is that it’s a good option for the environment. It’s not taking up the space that a traditional burial would while still giving the respect to the deceased that they deserve.

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