Managing Cremation Costs Near Antioch

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Funeral Home

Choosing cremation rather than a traditional burial is increasingly becoming a popular option. Common reasons to choose cremation include the environmentally-friendly nature of the process, personal preferences, and consideration for the cremation cost near Antioch.

The cost of cremation is significantly lower than the cost of a traditional burial. One of the cost savings is the ability to choose an urn rather than a traditional casket. A basic metal or wood coffin is typically between two and five thousand dollars, while a solid wood and specialty casket can be several thousand dollars.

As the cremation cost near Antioch does not require the purchase of a coffin, the family can eliminate this expense from the funeral service. However, the family may still hold a visitation, vigil, or viewing with their loved one by renting a casket to use for that period of time. They will be required to purchase a cremation coffin, but these are very reasonably priced.

Consider the Service

Another way to control cremation costs is to consider the type of service. The family may request a funeral Mass held in the church or opt for a Memorial Service held in a funeral home. There is also the option to have a graveside service and committal.

There are funeral homes and churches within the area that offer financial support for faith families in the event of the death of a loved one. Reaching out to the church is the first step in getting the assistance you require.

If you need assistance with managing the cremation cost near Antioch, reach out to the Family Service Directors at Holy Cross Cemetery & Funeral Center. Contact them today to learn more.

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