How to Make Sure Your Christmas Sermon Keeps Your Audience Enthralled

How to Make Sure Your Christmas Sermon Keeps Your Audience Enthralled

No matter how well-attended a church might be, the greatest turnout will always be at Christmas. Therefore, it is very important that the sermon you give keeps your audience enthralled enough to make them want to come back for more. Here are some ideas to supercharge your Christmas sermon topics.


The first thing you will want to have is a text. Usually, the text focuses on a character from one of the Gospel stories as they are the most universally known and work well when considering the Mass will be filled with visitors. Pick a story that interests you and then read the story from several different versions of the bible. Repeat the story back to yourself in your mind and reflect on the main parts of the story such as what is the positive message and what about the story may be hard to believe.


There are two bits of context that must be considered when putting together Christmas sermon topics. These are the context of the people to who the Bible is referring to as well as the context of the people who are in the audience. Both of these groups must be kept in mind when scripting your sermon. If you do not know who you are talking about, your audience will notice and lose interest fast. If this happens, as much as you may not want to admit it, the visitors may not return for regular services. Exciting and well-told sermons are the best way to ensure audience retention.