Here Are a Few Signs That Your Roof May Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

Here Are a Few Signs That Your Roof May Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

There are few parts of your home that are more important than your roof. A roof that is damaged can lead to water damage or even structural damage to your home. That’s why it’s important to take care of your roof. This includes looking for signs that you may need roof repair for your Ponte Vedra home.

Weather Damage

One of the most common issues that can lead to damage to your roof and the need for repair or replacement is weather-related damage. You typically get roof damage from a spring or summer storm. High winds can break off parts of shingles or even whole shingles, which can lead to significant damage. Hail also can cause damage by causing holes in shingles. Damage also can occur in the winter, mainly from ice. Ice dams can form that damage your roof and allow water inside. If you suspect any of this damage, it’s important to have a roofing contractor or insurance adjuster to look at your roof.

Old Age

Another common issue that leads to the need for roof repair or replacement is old age. Roofs that are maintained and cared for can last for 20 years or more, but eventually, even the best-quality roof is going to wear out. When this happens, you may be able to get by with repair, but it’s more likely that you are going to need to have your roof replaced. A telltale sign that your roof is starting to reach the end of its life is shingle “sand” or “dust.” This is caused by small pieces of your shingles sloughing off. If you notice these little particles in your gutters or downspouts or on the ground around your home, you need to get a roof inspection.

If you do need roof repair in the Ponte Vedra area, make sure you hire a reputable, experienced contractor to do the work.