Going Green With Modern Rainwater Systems in the United States

Collecting and Using Rainwater For Indoor Applications

If you own or operate a commercial facility in the United States, you could take advantage of innovative technologies for collecting and reusing rainwater. You large building might require a high demand of water for flushing toilets. Therefore, commercial rainwater harvesting systems provide a cheap supply of non-potable water for restrooms. After you install the appropriate infrastructure, you will save lots of money on monthly bills from the local water supplier. The latest commercial rainwater harvesting systems may be easily connected to an existing plumbing system of old and new buildings. Several large storage tanks are typically installed near a building for maximum collection of precipitation. The tanks have outlet devices that are connected to traditional water-supply pipes. A pump is required to distribute the stored rainwater throughout the entire plumbing network of your commercial property.

Recycling Rainwater For Irrigation

Modern commercial rainwater harvesting systems could be used for irrigation systems at your commercial site. For instance, the sprinkler system could extract rainwater from the storage tanks at your property. You will significantly reduce long-term costs on landscaping maintenance throughout the lot. During the summer season, you can take advantage of drip irrigation and other innovative irrigation systems that conserve every drop of water. Additionally, your garden and lawn around the building should include plenty of native plants that require a relatively low supply of water. Succulent plants are highly recommended for any region with low levels of precipitation throughout the summer season.