Get Ready for Movers in Plainfield IL by Getting Rid of Clutter

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Moving Company

Whether you are going across town or across the country, moving an entire household can bring on meltdowns, even among the best of us. But by beginning the planning process as soon as you know you will be moving, you can minimize stress and make it better for movers. Plainfield IL organization specialists have this advice.

Clean Clutter

Picture how you want your new home to feel. The best thing you can do to prepare for any move is to let go of excess belongings. Get motivated to clear clutter by viewing this as an opportunity to streamline your belongings and let go of stuff you have been wishing you could get rid of. Now is your chance!

Letting Go

When you are considering whether to keep an item, imagine packing it, physically carrying it from your old house to the new one and unpacking it. Is it worth the effort? How would it make you feel to see this item in your new home – if the answer is “weighted down,” let that be your cue to let it go.

Discard Items

If you haven’t used it in years, don’t move it. Many items in our garages, attics and basements sit untouched and forgotten about for years on end. If you can’t even remember the last time you wanted to use something, get rid of it. Once you’ve pared things down, items in the storage areas of your home can be packed and labeled for the movers.

Clean Outside

Clear the outside zones. There is something really exhausting about having to tackle all of that outdoor stuff at the end of the packing process, yet for some reason this is often the last area to be packed up. Make things a bit easier by giving the outdoor areas of your home a walk-through now, pulling aside anything that’s junky, broken or will not be needed at the new place. It will help your movers as well.

Although your movers should be able to handle just about any situation regarding your preparedness or lack thereof, taking some or all of the above steps can certainly help both you and your commercial movers movers during your upcoming moving adventure.

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