Finding a Free Phone Issued by the Government in New York is Easy

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Telecommunications Service

It may seem strange to see someone without a cell phone today. However, there are still dozens and dozens of people in the New York area who do not have a cell phone to their name, or they lost their service and never had it restored. If this is you, there are a few different ways you can find a free phone in the New York area.

An initial way to find free government cell phones in New York is through family and friends. Talk to every one of them and see if any of them received a free phone from the government.

The next way to find this type of phone is to search online for government programs offering a free phone. Visiting only the first few websites listed on the search engine is key. These are the government programs that are most reliable and will offer you the best free phone and free plan on the market. It is important that you never send any money to any of these companies. Remember, you never pay a dime when it comes to a free phone and free service.

A great company offering free government cell phones in New York is SafetyNet Wireless. This company offers a free smartphone and a free plan. The free plan comes with unlimited calling and texting and a few gigabytes for the month. After receiving your free phone, you can then apply for their free monthly Internet program, which also comes with a completely free modem. You can contact them here

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