Everything You Need To Know About Bull Leasing

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Agriculture and Forestry

Leasing a bull is a cost-effective way to integrate prime genetics into your cow herd without the need to actually purchase a bull. Buying a bull is expensive, and so is the year-round feeding and maintenance. In addition, buying a bull creates future breeding issues if you are planning to add to your herd from your own calves.

Before jumping into bull leasing, it is essential to do your homework. At Jorgensen Land & Cattle, we work closely with our leasing customers, ensuring they get the bull and the genetics to match their short and long-term production goals.

Do Your Research
Whether you use our bull leasing service or another, we recommend knowing as much about the genetics, expertise, and experience of the leasing company and their breeding line. Know how long they have been in business and what type of data they can provide as to the growth rate, feed conversion, and overall health of the calves their bulls produce.

Discuss Your Options
There is no one ideal bull for any cattle farming operation. We take the time to get to know your goals and your plans for your cattle operation, and then we make recommendations from our breeding line of bulls to optimize the potential for this year’s calves.

Read the Full Leasing Agreement Before Signing
Always ensure all details of the bull leasing agreement are in writing. While a lot of these agreements are done between local farmers and ranchers with a handshake, this tends to leave a lot of potential issues unaddressed, which can result in conflict and problems if the bull is injured or if cows are open at the end of breeding season.



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