Blade Enthusiasts Look Far and Wide for New Automatic Knives

by | Aug 1, 2022 | knives

Whenever you have something in one hand, it can be extremely difficult to open a knife with the other. Using an automatic knife is often the best way to solve this issue. However, blade enthusiasts disagree somewhat on the particular type of knife needed in any given situation. That’s why specialists have designed so many types of different blades. At this point, there’s something for every specific instance even if someone has to deal with an edge case where conventional tools might not work as well as they had hoped.

Out the front knives, as they’re often called, are some of the most infamous and popular of these designs. The average OTF pocket knife features a hole in the front of the handle that allows users to swing the blade directly out of it. This makes it surprisingly easy to open most OTF pocket knife designs. Regulators have made it hard to get these in some jurisdictions, but the situation has improved to the point where it’s at least relatively easy to get them online.

Naturally, those in the market for such blades are encouraged to learn more about local laws before they invest in anything. That being said, it’s easier to find auto knives for sale now than it has been in some time. That’s good news for hobbyists and collectors who’ve been searching for them and have come up short thus far. Easily opened conventional knives that feature a specialized nail chip have also come into their own as well, which further helps to broaden the market.

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