Advanced Planning With A Cremation Company

Advanced Planning With A Cremation Company

For those living in and around Oakland, CA, finding a trusted, experienced, and compassionate cremation company in Oakland, CA, allows you to plan your own service and take the burden of this responsibility off your family.

Is Cremation the Right Choice?

Choosing cremation is a very personal decision. Most faiths, including the Catholic Church, recognize cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. However, unlike some faiths, the Catholic Church teaches that the cremains should remain together and preferably on the grounds of a Catholic cemetery and not scattered or divided as is common in other faiths.

The cremains are placed in an urn and may be interred in a traditional burial, or they may be placed in a niche in a mausoleum or in a columbarium. These niches often feature glass fronts that allow the beautiful urns to be displayed for visitors to see. There may also be locations for floral tributes and other memorial items to be located at or near the niche.

Talking to a cremation company in Oakland, CA, provides answers to your questions. They can explain the processes and also assist the individual in choosing the final resting place for their urn. Most of these providers offer affordable plans that allow the individual to pay a small monthly amount to ensure their loved ones have no financial obligation for the cremation and associated services.

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