3 Things to Consider When You Need to Buy a Replacement Forklift Battery

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Equipment

Forklifts require regular maintenance and care just like any other type of motor vehicle. This includes ensuring your forklift’s battery is operating efficiently. When you notice that your battery no longer holds a charge or doesn’t charge completely, it will be time to replace it. Whether you’re shopping for a new or used forklift battery for sale, knowing how to evaluate batteries will help you make a better choice.

Check the Voltage

Each type of forklift has different requirements in terms of voltage, so you should begin by checking the voltage requirements in your forklift owner’s manual. Once you know how much voltage you’ll need in a battery, you can begin shopping for batteries with the corresponding voltage. A 24-cell battery will supply 48 volts. Use this information to make sure you’re not buying a battery with too little or too much voltage.

Look for a Good Ampere-Hour (AH) Rating

The AH tells you how much amperage discharge will take place for each hour of use. A lower AH rating equates to a more efficient forklift battery. Rather than trying to compute how the AH rating equates to hours of usage on every battery, an easier method is to look at the AH rating for your old battery and look for a comparative rating on your new battery.

Check Your Charger

The final step in obtaining a new or used forklift battery for sale is to look at the specifications on your charger. You’ll want to be sure your charger can safely handle the charging of your replacement battery. Unless you’re buying the exact same brand and type of battery, confirming the charging requirements is an essential step.

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