What Should Businesses Know About an Air Quality Control Company

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Air Quality Control System

Air Quality Control Company

An air quality control company can help your plant run efficiently. Since they design things to be effective and affordable, the solutions change things. They design several product types, including catalytic oxidizers.

Here are a few of the oxidizers this company manufactures:

  • Recuperative
  • Regenerative
  • Catalytic
  • Thermal

Regenerative options do not need any external fuel to continue working. They can regenerate the fuel needed to work during normal operations. However, they must run at incredibly high temperatures to achieve these results. Usually, they operate between 1,400 F to 1,600 F. If you do not want to use such high temperatures, a catalytic option is better.

Catalytic Air Pollution Control

Catalytic air pollution control possesses several benefits compared to recuperative systems. In a catalyst-powered system, the catalyst promotes oxidation reactions to occur. Since these reactions happen at much lower temperatures, the machine operates at high temperature. A normal machine will run from 500 F to 600 F.

If you want to improve efficiency as much as possible, add a recuperative heat exchanger. The addition of one of these can substantially decrease fuel requirements. In many cases, the systems can become autocatalytic.

  • Proven Hydrocarbon Conversion at 99.99% Efficiency
  • Lower Operating Temperatures
  • Decreased NOx Emissions
  • Completely Flameless
  • Meets Requirements for MACT, BACT, LAER, and RACT

You can use these parts in a diverse application range, including on diesel engines. On the other hand, they are a popular component of process heaters and incinerators.

Contact Air Clear LLC at https://www.airclear.net/.

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