Maintain Your Golf Course

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Business Services

When you are the one in charge of making sure that a golf course looks great and performs to the highest of standards, you need to have access to the right set of tools, products and services to do the job. We are proud to offer the best quality of golf course turf maintenance equipment, products and services. By choosing us, you can efficiently and effectively maintain healthy and vigorous golf course turf.

Throughout the spring, summer and early autumn months of the year, golf courses get a lot of activity. Hundreds of golfers may be out on the greens every day. Hundreds of miles may be walked or driven across the course. All of this activity can damage the turf. Animals such as deer, rabbits and Canada geese can also damage the turf. Maintaining the turf ensures that it is healthy enough to resist damage from carts, foot traffic and animals.

There are many important parts to maintaining the turf of a golf course. Thatch needs to be removed so that the roots of the turf can get all of the necessary nutrients. Drainage needs to be good so that water does not pool on the turf or flow off too quickly during a moderate to heavy rain. We help with all of these.

When you are in need of help with golf course turf maintenance, contact us at 1st Products. Our sales associates can discuss your situation and make recommendations about the equipment and services that you need. We can also come out to your golf course and tour the facility. This allows us to customize our recommendations for enhanced maintenance efficiency.

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