Ethical Pet Products for Jacksonville

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Pet Care

With summer fast approaching, it is peak beach time for all Jacksonville residents and visitors. There are a number of dog friendly beaches in Jacksonville including the Jacksonville Canine Beach and the Dog Swim and Bark Park at Snyder Park. Below is a list of some fantastic Ethical Pet Products for Jacksonville – sure to make your doggie day in the sun complete!

1. The Whirl Wheel: This Frisbee-like toy is soft and easy to catch. It soars through the air and floats in the water. Add to that a large squeaker and you have a sure-fire winner for your doggie companion.

2. Hydro Plane: This floating flying disc is highly visible and easy for owners and dogs alike to pick up and handle. This toy is ideal for fetching in the water or a great game of tug.

3. Holee Floater: This lightweight, highly visible, large toy is the top choice for dog owners. It is designed in such a way that dogs can close their mouths completely around it as they carry it while swimming.

4. Hard Core Fire Hose: This is a lightweight floating dog toy for larger breeds. The outer shell is made of fire hose material built to stand up to strong jaws. This interactive toy comes with a squeaker inside for added fun.

5. The Lunker: This eco-friendly toy is packed with flotation fabric. It is easy to throw over and over and can keep dogs entertained and active for hours in the water. It is a great test of stamina to see who will outlast who, you or your dog.

6. Kong Rubber Toys: These USA made products have an unpredictable bounce for more entertaining games of fetch. They are recommended worldwide by veterinarians and trainers alike and can withstand the toughest chewers. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for stuffing treats inside.

When going to the beach with your pup in Jacksonville, Ethical Pet Products like these enhance the experience for both you and your canine. Glob on the sunscreen, make sure to bring fresh water for both you and your dog to combat dehydration, and have a wonderful time playing fetch in the water, giving your dog the enjoyment and exercise that they need and love.

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