Beautiful Handmade Candles for Sale Support TX Drug Addiction Recovery

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Candle store

A faith-based handcrafted candle company offers gorgeous, scented candles that do more than just light up your home. The proceeds from these important candle sales help to support a Texas-based drug addiction recovery program that allows students needing help to get free assistance that is truly life-changing. Each of the lovely handmade candles for sale are handcrafted by the students who are going through this dynamic and God-centered addiction recovery rehabilitation program.

Help Support a Free Drug Addiction Recovery Program Just by Purchasing a Candle or Several

This innovative handmade candle company was born of dedication and love from ordinary people who just want to live out their faith beliefs through good works. This program is for men who need intensive drug addiction recovery counseling and support in a 9-month residential program that is unique and positive. The handmade candles for sale are the primary way that this group raises funding so that the men who need help, love and support in a nurturing environment do not have to worry about the cost for their stay and other essentials.

These Pleasantly Fragranced Candles Are for Anyone

If you adore candles, then you likely have experienced the aromatherapy that breathing in these delicious scents can achieve. Choose from terrific scents like Baja Cactus, Cowboy, Leather, Hawaiian Blast, Adam & Eve and even Monkey Farts. These same candles from this handmade candle company have been rated highly on a major shopping site.

Learn more about this impressive, handcrafted candle company by contacting 3R Candles today.

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