The Benefits of Using Conveyor Rollers in an IL Factory Setting

The Benefits of Using Conveyor Rollers in an IL Factory Setting

While you may be familiar with rollers and conveyors in a factory, after all, they are quite commonplace to see, you may not be all that familiar with how helpful they actually are. There are many benefits to using industrial rollers.

Ergonomically-Friendly: Rather than bending over all day picking and setting down heavy boxes, you can simply place them on the conveyor and they roll wherever you need them to go so they can be packed or palleted appropriately. This saves a lot of wear and tear on the employees because they are not using their muscles in a way that is not ergonomically correct.

Increase Production Flow: Because rollers can be set up to run the entire length of the factory, they do a great deal to increase the speed of production. Instead of having to bring pallets of goods across the factory floor via a forklift, the items can simply roll across the conveyor network and end up at their desired location. This frees up labor resources for other things.

Safety’s Sake: Since the path of the industrial rollers is in a relatively fixed position, they present much less of a safety hazard than do forklifts and other motorized machinery zipping around the floor of the factory. This results in fewer injuries as well as fewer insurance claims.

If you have an interest in installing rollers in your factory, contact Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. at They can give you a consultation as to what setup is right for you.