Improving Mental Health With Dumpster Service in Atlanta

Improving Mental Health With Dumpster Service in Atlanta

Research has found a distinct connection between depression and a large amount of clutter in the person’s home. A depressed person may have trouble summoning up the motivation to get rid of clutter. Researchers also theorize that the mere presence of clutter can lead to depression. Companies providing dumpster service in Atlanta are ready to help households clear useless junk from their homes.


Everything from too many refrigerator magnets to piles of newspapers to closets stuffed with belongings qualifies as clutter. People plan to read the old newspapers and never get around to it. They believe they may need the possessions in the closets at some point, even if a few are packed with old, worn clothing that no longer fits. Some items could be donated and others recycled, while the rest should go to a dumpster service in Atlanta.

Feeling Conflicted

Household residents start feeling conflicted much of the time about wanting to get rid of things and wanting to keep them. A bunch of children’s toys may be stashed away, for example. The parents feel nostalgic about those toys, but the items are broken or worn out. The kids are adults now and say they don’t want this stuff. Yet it continues to take up space.

Gender Differences

The study linking depression and clutter was completed by UCLA researchers. They found that women, in particular, feel anxious when the home is untidy and difficult to clean because of all the junk in it. On average, men are not quite as bothered.