Differences Between Luxury Car Storage in Chicago and Traditional Options

Differences Between Luxury Car Storage in Chicago and Traditional Options

Many men and women own a high-end vehicle they only drive occasionally. Others store the car during the winter so that it never develops any rust due to salted roads. People who cannot store the automobile properly at home need to find a trustworthy place to keep it. They will want to learn the differences between luxury car storage in Chicago and more conventional options.

Stronger Security

Automobile storage facilities generally have basic security systems to prevent break-ins. A facility providing luxury car storage in Chicago has implemented enhanced security measures because these vehicles are so expensive. This building is likely to have additional security cameras and motion detectors. There may be fewer entry points.

Climate Control

The best storage for high-end automobiles is climate controlled to prevent potential issues with bitterly cold or excessively hot temperatures. Dehumidification is important for protecting the car as well.

Car Starting Service

Some companies offer service for starting the vehicle while it’s in storage. This might be done twice a month, for example. That service can be particularly appealing during Chicago’s long, cold winters. The owner knows when it’s time to bring the car out, there’s no chance of the battery being dead.

Tow Truck Accommodations

Luxury car owners typically want the vehicle to arrive at the facility in pristine condition. In this case, they’ll probably cover it and have it towed on a flatbed trailer. They’ll need a facility that can accommodate the truck and trailer.

Details on one high-end automobile storage facility can be viewed at Alpha Garage Chicago.