Keep Your Washington State Lumber Railroads Working With Rail Equipment

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Engineering

Washington state is known for a lot of things but lumber maybe one of the most prominent. The state has an enormous amount of lumber produced and harvested, and none of it can be properly processed or moved without some help from a railroad. If your lumber company relies on a railroad to move product in the state of Washington, then you need railroad track equipment. Here are some key pieces of railroad track equipment you should have to ensure that lumber moves freely from camp to lumber mills to market.

Hy-Tracker Rail Cart

These rail carts can haul several tons. It doesn’t matter whether you need them to haul other pieces of equipment and move it from place to place via the railway or move tons of raw lumber. The rail cart gets the job done without anyone getting seriously injured in the process. Given the nature of your business, you will need more than one of these rail carts.

Tow Carts

If you have Hy-Tracker rail carts, you will also need tow carts. The tracker carts help haul or push the tow carts around, enabling you to move a lot more simultaneously while you wait for the next train and set of rail cars. You don’t need as many tow carts as you do tracker rail carts, but you are welcome to buy and store extra ones just in case.

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